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Árbol means tree in Spanish. The brand is inspired by my love of all things nature, using warms colours and eco-friendly products. All of our packaging is plastic-free and some of them are recycled. 

We use high-quality materials such as gold plated, gold filled and clay. We are always focused on the customer experience, aiming to make long-lasting pieces at affordable prices. 

We didn't want to create just a brand, but a community to help with climate change. So we committed to donating 10% of our total profit to organisations that help with the reforestation as well as the cleaning of the oceans.

Together we make a difference.



My name is Blanca, I am the founder of Arbolí which is also my surname.

My professional background is in marketing. For the last 7
years I have been living and working in Ireland in different technology companies, definitely  nothing to do with the jewellery sector.

But it was during the year 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, that the need arose to escape and express myself in an artistic way, and I did it through the creation of jewellery pieces, as I have always had the need to design & create as a hobby.

My surprise was how well received ARBOLÍ was from the start and how quickly we have grown.  After two years I decided to moved back to Spain to enter fully into the world of jewellery and dedicate myself completely to it. It is undoubtedly a dream to be able to dedicate myself to my brand and I feel very fortunate and grateful for the evolution it is having.


My goal is to create a minimalistic, stylish and high-quality hand-crafted jewellery company while giving back to various organisations to help with climate change. 

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